Monday 26 May 2014

Davis Controls Ltd. - Where has the Time Gone?

Exactly 25 years ago, this announcement was sent to Davis Controls employees and a select group of family and friends advising them of the official launch of the construction of our ‘new’ head office in Oakville and inviting them to attend the ceremonial ground breaking and a reception to celebrate the event.  Where has the time gone?  It feels like it was just yesterday.  Remarkably, eight of the people who made the move with us from 4251 Dundas Street W. are still with us today.


As I think back nostalgically about the 25 years that we have been at 2200 Bristol Circle, I remember the people that have come and gone and the product lines that we have represented since moving to Oakville.  I recall friendships and relationships that have been important to our success and I think about all the work that has been done here by all the people that have worked here.


Mostly I remember the fun that we’ve had along the way; the parties and barbeques and meetings and dinners and conferences and the social interactions around the office.  I look at the people that I work with today and then I look back through our photo albums at pictures of those same people, 5, 10, 20, even 40 years ago and I smile.


I thought of writing this posting just yesterday, when a visiting supplier asked me if the office was new.  When I explained that in fact we were celebrating our 25th anniversary in this building, it dawned on me.  Twenty Five Years – WOW, where has the time gone!  I thanked him for the compliment and said:  No, we’ve been here for a while and since business is good, we’re not planning on going anywhere else soon.