Tuesday 21 July 2015

Davis Controls Ltd. - The Neighbourhood is Changing

The Neighbourhood is Changing

For twenty seven years, our view looking out from Davis Controls across the street toward Winston Churchill Blvd. has been that of a few acres of vacant field covered with weeds and scrub.  This all began to change early this year when the land was cleared for what will soon become 869 parking spaces surrounding a new seven story engineering building, which is now well under way and should be glassed in by the end of July.  This property was one of the few remaining undeveloped properties in the park and while the new building partially blocks our early morning view of the rising sun, we welcome the change of scenery and look forward to meeting our new neighbours.  Having 869 additional cars spilling out onto Bristol Circle every night might complicate the drive home, but on a positive note, we will be able to walk to these sales calls.

While we’ve been watching the construction project across the street, we became aware that the front corner garden, planted when our building was built in 1989, has matured, and in the case of the sprawling junipers, has become overgrown.  The oak trees are now well established and provide a nice canopy over the entire front corner, but the original garden underneath was in need of a makeover.  With a little bit of TLC, we have transformed the front corner so that it no longer hides our main entrance and once again exposes our front door, sign and lobby.

I recall that when we were looking for a place to move to from 4251 Dundas St. W, one of the things we liked best about this property was that it was strategically located at one of the main entrances to the business park.  It would be a shame to allow this prestigious location to become untidy or unkempt.  Cosmetic upgrades like these are necessary from time to time to maintain a clean, fresh and colourful appearance and this was a transformation whose time had come.  I’m sure that they will install some attractive landscaping across the street and we want to be sure to look just as good as they do.